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AP Blames USA For Chinese Workers' Grief

Factory closure in China a sign of deeper pain

(AP)- "Unemployed worker Wang Wenming was angry at his boss for shutting down a massive Chinese factory this week that made toys for Mattel Inc., Hasbro Inc. and other American companies. But the assembly line worker was also furious at the United States.

...Workers at the Smart Union toy factory said that for several months the plant was less busy and paychecks were arriving late. "The management said the problem was that our American customers weren't paying for the goods they ordered so the company couldn't pay us," said worker Shao Xiaoping...

He was among 100 workers who on Friday gathered outside the gates of the factory... About 2,000 other laborers protested outside the local government's offices."

What AP doesn't report is that the company blames lower US consumership, not the workers. The Associated Press is simply towing the company's line again. The Chinese government, gives different reasons:

( "State media has reported that in the first seven months of this year, 3,631 toy makers in China, or 53 per cent of the total, went out of business thanks to a combination of rising wages, rising raw material costs and stricter pre-Olympic regulations, which delayed shipments.

Also, why did AP only mention the 2,000 person protest 16 paragraphs into their report?

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