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AP Campaigns For House Democrats

Message: 'If you vote for Democrats you will get raised taxes on the wealthy and cut taxes for the middle class, more federal benefits to low-income families and expanded health care coverage.'

Notice how the Associated Press makes it sounds like Republicans have an authoritarian grip on these "open" seats, wording that inspires sympathy for the Democrat rivals, while the Democrat majority sounds positive. I'll highlight in red when AP refers to Republicans (evil) and blue when Democrats (good).

GOP open seats boost Democrats House chances

(AP)- "A rush of Republican retirements has positioned Democrats to ...transform what might otherwise be a march to modest gains on Election Day into a wave to a lopsided majority.

Across the country, GOP departures — many in districts the party has controlled for decades...

...they will have a stronger hand in the new Congress at moving an agenda that includes raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting them for the middle class, steering more federal benefits to low-income families and expanding health care coverage.

They also might solidify what could be a long-lasting House majority by gaining footholds in areas that have been off-limits to Democrats for a decade or longer. Democrats now enjoy a 235-199 majority... the closer they approach it the better chances their agenda will have, even should Republican John McCain win the White House.

AP then interviews so-called "independants" who hate Republicans and like socialism.

AP then mentions that Bush has the lowest approval rating, as if that matters, and ignores Congress' lowest approval rating in history, which would indicate that people will vote for a different majority. We wouldn't want actual facts and logic would we?

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