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AP Ignores Obama "Redistribution Of Wealth' Tape

So far AP has yet to report on a bombshell video of Obama calling for redistribution of wealth in America.

But AP published several reports concerning Obama and redistribution of wealth the last couple of days before the smoking gun was found, sometimes reporting Obama's defensive arguments, sometimes parroting those arguments themselves.

Here the Associated Press reported Biden's defense to the redistribution of wealth claim, that McCain is the one who redistributes wealth "the wrong way." Here AP reported Obamas defense that these allegations are "the kinds of stuff that I can't imagine saying about an opponent of mine."

But then AP themselves came to Obama's defense and said that he only wants to "reverse the cuts" of Bush and that McCain has flip-flopped on the issue, "that anything else amounts to a tax increase" for him now.

But not a peep now that there's proof Obama wants to redistribute wealth like a socialist and that he lied when he denied this.

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