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AP: Voters Have Shifted To Approve Bailout

Absolute Crap

(AP)- "Yet public opinion on the issue is so volatile that Republican leaders say it has shifted dramatically in the 48 hours since the House rejected the first bailout measure.

"Calls to members' offices have changed from being 90 percent don't do this; they're at least 50-50, and in some offices they're 90 percent, "You have to do something," Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, the second-ranking Republican leader, said during the day.

In the two days since that vote, the stock market has suffered its largest one-day drop in history. The credit market remains tight, with banks required to pay record interest rates for funds they borrow from other banks." [Associated Press again forgets about the 500 pt bounce after the single day loss in the stock market.]

Get ready to lose come December, Roy Blunt! Despite what the bought media claims, almost no one supports the bailout and that hasn't changed. AP is WRONG that the people support this robbery, almost everyone is against it, and both aisles are contemptuous of the people's will. That's why Bush and Congress have record low approval, the lowest in history.

AP contradicts their own poll.

But AP is correct that this will likely turn into another Iraq debacle and Reps will bear the blame.

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