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AP's Hanging Palin Effigy Vs. Hanging Obama Effigy

Take a look at how the Associated Press reports the effigy of Palin hanging by a noose and McCain emerging from a flaming chimney. Then look at how AP reported an offensive Obama effigy.

Palin in a noose drew "giggles from some passers-by" who are "stopping to snap pictures." And it's all "within the spirit of Halloween."

Obama in a noose, by contrast, was met with "immediate long-term suspension and public service" and racially targetted "minority and low-income students."

Now take a look at AP's report of a GOP depicted Obama with watermelon in a flier. Their "linking Obama to demeaning racist stereotypes" in these "attacks" was met with outrage, and made people cry.

Threatening Palin with death, spirit of the holidays. Threatening Obama, deserves suspension. Showing Obama with watermelon, a demeaning racist stereotype.

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