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China's Spacewalk Filmed In Water?

Take a look at the video, this isn't just a crazy claim from Chinese bloggers.

Here astronauts Zhai Zhigang and Liu Boming emerge from the craft and hook cords for their space walk. The commander of the space mission can be heard saying, “Number one; Number two; Tied it in water; Operation is normal.”

At 1:20 the hatch opens and the commenter notices a piece of paper getting sucked out into space. But look closer and you can see bubbles, little black blotches, flying out quickly.

Two seconds into the first video a bubble flies out to the right of the hatch, then at 5 min 49 second, a clear bubble attached to the astronaut’s helmet. At 6 min 42 seconds, bubbles swiftly came out of the cabin. On the left corner of the video, bubbles gushed out at an angle at 7 min 17 seconds into the video. Physicists suggests a wave-blower, commonly used during space walk training, was used to speed up the bubbles.

Then there's the lighting. At 8:41, rows of distant lights are clearly seen in a mirror attached to the astronaut's wrist. This row of lights are also seen reflected in the astronaut's wrist watch later at 8:54. As the astronauts move around the outside of the craft, light is shining on the bottom of their bodies from the left and right sides, away from the earth light source. Take a look at 5:25.

Throughout the walk the spacecraft never moved position from the earth, though the clouds on earth move very rapidely. When the astronaut moved the flag, the fabric moves slower than his hand, proving there was some resistant matter slowing it down. Also, the astronauts never floated freely, but always held on to the ship.

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