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Anti-Gay-Marriage Protest in San Fransisco

On January 24th, 10,000 people will march in San Francisco against the hateful bigotry that the pro-gay-marriage agenda is displaying.

Just yesterday, my brother in Sacramento was telling me about how he spent the day cleaning up spray-painted bigoted graffiti on his local Mormon chapel.

It's despicable how the liberal media has ignored the violence, vandalism, tresspassing, and threats of arson from the pro-gay protesters against Mormons, singling them out as an easy target. It's also despicable how the gay groups, the ACLU, the Govornator, and other liberals are desperately trying to overturn the will of the people AGAIN, essentially telling them they can't ammend their own constitution.

I urge anyone who opposes bigoted hate, criminality, tyranny against the people's democratic will, and media bias against a religion to attend this rally, whether or not they agree with banning gay marriage.


Anonymous said...

If you have pictures of that, I'd like one. I'm keeping an archive of this fight from the trenches.

B-Media said...

Unfortunately the vandalism was mostly cleaned up by the time my brother arrived. Sorry.

Thanks for the link!