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AP Downplays China's Cyberwarfare Against US

The Associated Press coverage on a shocking Congressional Report alleging increased hacking of America's government computers failed to give the startling specifics, like the 250 hacker groups in China, or the 40,000 something breaches last year alone. Much of AP's article went to China's communist leaders' placating rebuttals.

Every day it seems there's a headline of Chinese hackers stealing technology or compromising some American government system, like China's recent attack on the International Monetary Fund. Pretty much everyone who has walked into a federal building has been hacked. But AP, AFP, or other "prominent" journalists won't report this.

AP did find time to devote an entire article on China's dismissal of the report, reporting that USA "deliberately slanders and attacks China." To their credit AP did briefly mention China's poisonous fish farms that end up on American plates. That part of the Congressional report was strangely absent from all other media reports.

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