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Arson Threats Against Mormon Temple: Media Silent

Not only does the media refuse to report the violence, vandalism, and tresspassing at the pro-gay-marriage against the Mormon religion, but they refuse to report threats to burn the temple down.

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wootmama said...

Gay Activists Use Donor List for Targeted Persecution

Scott Eckern, 25 year veteran of the Music Circus performing arts theatre in Sacramento has been forced to resign after being targeted by gay activists who used public records to “out” proposition 8 supporters. Eckern donated of his time and means to the tune of 1000.00 of his personal savings to the cause. Though his personal beliefs and efforts on behalf of proposition 8 did not cross into his professional life, he is now being forced to resign his position as his company bows to pressure from the gay community who are looking for revenge in the wake of California’s passage of the gay marriage ban.

This kind of political bullying is unconscionable. Pleas from the community on behalf of the longtime director fell on deaf ears as the news spread of the pressure for his resignation. A letter campaign in support of Eckern was heart felt, but came too late.

Who is next? Where is the image of love and tolerance now?