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Bigoted Gay-Rights Protest Photos You Won't See Reported

To their credit the Associated Press provided a couple images of hate at the anti-Proposition-8 rally against the Mormon religion. In their report, AP omitted the hate against the religion, and the official response from the church:
The media won't report that protesters tresspassed. The fence sits within private church property:
[photos by Associated Press]

Here's some images revealing the crowd's bigotted hate that you won't see reported by the media (Salt Lake City last night):
[image credit: ninsiana0 on flickr] Awwwww: [photo credit: justthismoment on flickr]

And from the widely publicized LA protest:
[photo credit: evanjacobs1 on flickr]
On the very right:

Notice the "Mormons Marrying 10-year-olds" sign:

Not only did they tresspass, they vandalized private church property!!: [photo credit: fotonomous on flickr]

UPDATE: Fox News has a couple photos:

No one, including the Salt Lake Tribune will report on these bigoted signs as they list off what a few of the signs say. In Salt Lake the typical "Mormons Are Satanic" signs are mixed in, as with any protest against the church there. Of course they also won't mention the vandalism, trespassing, violence, or arson threats.

Here's a report on racism against blacks and latinos at the rally Don't expect anyone to report racism.

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