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LA Prop 8 Protest Flops, LAist Spins

Only 10,000 attended the bigoted pro-gay-marriage protest in Los Angeles this weekend. This is a fraction of the expected 40,000 according to LA Times. The LA Times even found enough objectivity to report a few of the bigoted signs the protesters waved, including "what's so traditional about polygamy" and "Joseph Smith had 33 wives." They reported only the tamer ones I'm sure, saving their readers from the innapropriate explicitives.

But this didn't stop the LAist reporter, who objectively took part in protesting, from insisiting that there were more like 40,000 there, "half the city." Of course no hateful signs in the photographs.

The LAist was outraged that CNN dared report on counter-demonstrations, who were bigoted of course.

CNN failed to report any bigotry at all from the "persecuted" gay protesters, or the dismal turnout.

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