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L.A. Times Finally Reports Victimization Of Prop-8 Suppoters

The L.A. Times is accustomed to reporting organized efforts in elitist circles to blackmail and ruin Mormons who donated to a political campaign without a twinge of guilt.

In a recent article LA Times finally reported that lives were being unfairly ruined:

(LA Times) "Raddon’s support for Proposition 8 has sparked debate within both the gay community and Hollywood, as many publicly worry about punishing people for free speech, even speech they deemed hateful, and his departure has already provoked ambivalence.

“I’m personally saddened by the outcome,” said Film Independent board member Bill Condon, the writer-director of “Dreamgirls.” “Someone has lost his job and possibly his livelihood because of privately held religious beliefs. I think the organization was ready to tough this out, but Rich ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the cost. I’m not sure he was right.”

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