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LA Times Mourns Prop 8 As "Most Divisive"

LA Times complained that Prop 8's approval by California voters will break up 18,000 homosexual "couples", claiming this proposition was the "most divisive on the state ballot." This is false. Gay "civil unions" will remain, with equal benefits.

Of course LA Times then pointed out that the supporter they interviewed is Mormon and cut out the part of her quote that referred to religious rights. LA Times failed to mention the massive bigotted campaign against the Mormon religion over this issue, which they brushed aside earlier.

LA Times claims, "Research and polling showed that many voters were against gay marriage, but afraid that saying so would make them seem 'discriminatory' or 'not cool'" Ridiculous. There is no such research that shows this. If anything people are afraid to be against gay marriage for fear liberals will attack them.

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