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Liberal Judge Heckled Attorney General Before He Collapsed: Media Silent

ABC News seems to be the only media reporting this:

(ABC)- "Multiple sources described Mukasey's collapse to ABC News, saying he was delivering a strong speech defending the Bush administration's legal policies on the War on Terror and taking direct aim at critics on the left and in the media.

At one point, a state court judge in the audience stood and yelled, "you tyrant." Mukasey continued his remarks in a grim, dispassionate tone, calmly refuting the criticism and expressing hope the next President will realize the tools he has been given.

But about 20 minutes into the speech, Mukasey began to make a coughing or gurgling sound, according to audience members. He tried to continue his remarks, but began slurring his words. He then very laboriously managed to get out one monosyllabic word and began teetering at the podium."

Why was he heckled? Why, because he was criticising judicial activism of course!

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