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The Pro-Gay-Marriage Left The Media Won't Report About

From radical liberal Roseanne Barr:

( "[Mormons] have crossed the line between church and state... reclassify this "church" as the political action committee that it is, and therefore make it ineligible for tax exempt status! they intend the complete overthrow of the us government. they intend to destroy civil liberties and institute taliban like polygamy and child marriage. They hate our country, and want to destroy it's constitution. This they do while paying not one cent for the firemen the police the teachers the roads the parks, the hospitals. they build their own infrastructure with your tax money...

catholic church is a PAC as well-actively campaigning against the constitutional rights of birth control for women, and against child sexual abuse victims...

the jewish religion is a PAC for aipac..."

Don't expect the Associated Press to mention this, or this, or any of the appalling bigotry coming from the "persecuted" left.

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