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Pro-Gay-Marriage Rioters Trash Mormon Church In Olympia: Media Silent

More tolerance and love from the "persecuted" left. And more media blackout.

( "Last night, under the veil of fog, we visited the Church of Latter Day Saints. We left their locks glued with anarchist messages scrawled in spray paint over their boring veneer.

We did this to show our solidarity with all who are resisting heterosexism everywhere, hopefully to spur them into action; and also because we are angry at the amount of money and propaganda that the Mormon church pumped into the homophobic Proposition 8 campaign. From their disgusting commercials to their despicable sermons to those gross lawn signs, we are sick of this parade of bigotry. The Church has to pay.

The best part is their proclamation that "We as anarchists are opposed to marriage..."

And next on the media blackout list, take a look at this video of an attack of bigotry and obscenity by protesters on a Mormon. They are surrounded by TV cameras, yet the media hasn't reported a peep about this (starting at 5:15):

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