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AP Blames US For Gloomy World Economy

Gloom returns to world markets after US plunge

In this report, the Associated Press blames Wall Street for a global economic recession, claiming "markets on mainland China were mixed" and that Chinese "investors were uneasy about U.S. turmoil even though China keeps its markets isolated."

What!!?? Does AP really expect us to believe that China's economy is isolated, and that China's economy is "mixed"??

Here's the true story: China Property Slump Threatens Global Economy as Growth Slows

(Bloomberg) "House prices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are plunging, and the global economy may grind almost to a halt next year because of it...

“China is now at the heart of the global slowdown,” said Jim Walker, chief economist at Asianomics Ltd., an economic advisory firm in Hong Kong."

Bloomberg provides plenty of evidence that proves China is the true cause of the global recession, after some turmoil in the United States. Also, consider this:

U.S. News: Bad Economy Could Cause China Crackup

Marketwatch: Flaws in 'China Inc.' exposed as chiefs go missing

(Marketwatch) "Across China, thousands of business owners have literally disappeared overnight, leaving behind ghost-like factories and legions of unemployed migrant workers. This chaotic unraveling looks to be more than just a reaction to a down cycle."

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