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AP Covers Up Anti-Democracy Intentions In Thailand

For weeks I've been trying to find out what the People's Alliance for Democracy in Thailand want. The democratically elected Prime Minister of Thailand was ousted by the courts after this small group of protesters brought Thailand's tourism and travel industry to a standstill. While regurgitating the vague assertion that they want Thailand to "return to its past policies," the Associated Press finally admitted that they want to "eliminate the one-person, one-vote system."

What does that mean? The truth is that the PAD wants to destroy democracy. The media refuses to report this simple fact.

TVNZ reports that this "coalition of royalist businessmen, activists and academics," in other words elists, hate the PM because of his support from "the poor rural and urban majority."

It's an open secret that these opponents of democracy have "support within the powerful Thai monarchy, perhaps from Queen Sirikit, who has been notable for expressing sympathy for PAD members." (Timesonline)

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