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LA Times Apologizes For Reporting Blacklisted Mormon

I was stunned when LA Times dared report on the owner of El Coyote who lost her job after she was placed on Mormon blacklists and gays rioted. Employees tried to make up for her $100 donation to prop-8 with a $500 donation to anti-prop-8 but it wasn't enough.

LA Times Steve Lopez predictably got mailboxes full of hate mail because of his objective reporting. Top appease his hateful readers he went through some hateful comments and responded with "can't argue with that" and "agreed," pretty much apologizing for defending her in the first place.

One hateful reader commented, "If Margie was a real friend to the gay community she'd step up for her friends and not let herself be herded like a sheep by the Mormon Church. If they told her to jump off a bridge would she do that as well?"

Lopez' response?

"My guess is yes." Wow.

Reader Jeff Dannels called her political donation hateful and harmful homophobia. Lopez' response: "Agreed. But there's been steady progress, and one day in California, gay marriage will be legal."

Another reader: "I contributed to the No on 8 campaign, and if that persuades some Christians that they should not patronize me or my law firm, well, I will live with it..." Wait a sec, who is boycotting anti-prop-8 donators? No one!! But Lopez' gives this poor persecuted soul his sympathy: "A noble position."

Another reader: "Despite being a Mormon, she serves alcohol -- to make money. Guess her faith is kinda flexible, but it's okay when she's anti-gay rights because of her faith?" Um, any intelligent reporter would investigate the church's position on serving alcohol and discover that serving alcohol in no way goes against Mormonism. But Lopez praises her shallow argument: "Also a fair point."

Another reader propagates the vile lie that is so popular in the media, that California marriages are unequal to civil unions: "Tell Ms. Christoffersen to save her hankies and tissues for those of us whose wedding vows may be negated and to those who will have to wait until we have equal rights..." But Lopez again cowtows: "Hard to argue."

When a reader chides militant gays with the forgotten liberal mantra 'I disagree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it,' Lopez responds with, "Prejudices are what fools use for reason."

Zero comments that actually supported the persecuted restaurant owner. link

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Anonymous said...

Well he says he isn't backing dow from his original comments but he pretty much cowers to his readers to keep his PC cred.