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LA Times Covers Up For Judges Who Punish Good Samaritans

Many are outraged about the recent California Supreme Court ruling that holds good Samaritans liable for injuries to the injured they try to save. But few know who voted in this 4-3 ruling. The LA Times, for example, refuses to report who voted which way. But they provided a neat little chart complete with names and pictures in their report on the earlier ruling that overturned the ban on gay marriage and trampled over democratic and religious freedom. Well lo and behold, the 4-3 vote was exactly the same in both rulings. Justice Carlos Moreno, a Gray Davis appointee, read the majority ruling for the Good Samaritan case with Kennard, Werdegar, and Ronald Goerge concurring. In the gay marriage case George read the majority ruling with Kennard, Werdegar, and Moreno concurring.

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