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SF Chronicle: Jerry Brown's Attack On Democracy "Admirable And Legally Sound"

AG stands for marriage by San Francisco Chronicle.

Is there any doubt that the San Francisco Chronicle, like every other big media, is in the pocket of the "gay-rights" liberals? Chronicle fawns over Brown's "compelling case" for turning against the vote of the people, which is exactly what he was hired not to do. Of course the Chronicle provides zero evidence that his case is legally sound.

National Review shows that Brown's legal argument is in fact completely ridiculous. Brown argues that the constitutional amendment is itself unconstitutional. Brown says that any "part of fundamental human liberty"- which is defined by who? liberals?- is inherent and no interference with state laws can change them.

Not only does this SF Chronicle puff-piece applaud Attorney General Jerry Brown's flip-flop against the voters of the state, it demonizes the "Yes on 8 forces" who "escalated their legal campaign."

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