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American Psychological Association: Same-Sex Amendments Cause Gay People Stress

In their ever-continuing crusade to make homosexuality "accepted" and "tolerated," the American Association of Psychology released a new study that "found" gays and lesbians from all over experience more stress when same-sex marriage is left up the people's vote.


Euripides said...

And monogamous married people like me get a lot of stress when homosexual activists try to derail the democratic system.

Pearl said...

Is this the same study or are they still beating this dead horse with the research baton in order to secure sympathy votes? Argh. These sorts of "studies" are so transparent.

B-Media said...

Looks like the same study, although a more recent "study" has also been published that gives examples for how gays have been "mistreated" in the wake of Proposition 8.