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AP Falsely Blames Israel For Preventing Cease-Fire

The Associated Press reported that "Israel resumed its Gaza offensive" "despite cease-fire proposal" from Egypt and France. They report that only after this latest "offensive" from Israel did Hamas respond with rockets.

One would think that Israel is continuing the fighting despite calls for peace. But the truth is that Israel supported the cease-fire. It was Hamas and Hezbollah who broke down the talks by continually firing missles at Israeli civilians as Israel ceased operations to allow humanitarian aid.

Israel didn't break cease-fire talks with attacks, Palestine did.


Razii said...

Hizbullah in Gaza? What the heck? You are too ignorant about the conflicts in the middle east. I suggest you stick to bloging about the US topics, about which you may at least some have some clue. Though reading the rest your blog, I am not sure even about that.

B-Media said...

Where did I mention Gaza? Please follow the link provided in my post. That might give you a clue what I'm talking about.