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AP: Ban On Foreign Abortion Funding Caused Pregancies

AP's headline is America abortion debate reaches into African slums, yet the content is only pro-abortion propaganda. The Associated Press quotes only radical pro-abortion groups like abortion clinic Marie Stopes, Population Action International, and Center for Reproductive Rights.

AP falsely implies that the ban prevented reproduction clinics from handing out condoms and contraceptives. AP claims, "...groups that could have helped distribute the condoms the U.S. was supplying to fight AIDS were denied funding because of their stance on abortion." The law banned any organization that specifically "performs or actively promotes abortion as a method of family planning overseas”. In other words, groups may perform abortions in the U.S. but not in the country receiving foreign aid.

AP claims, "...the laws have simply pushed abortions into back rooms instead of ending the practice." Backing this up with one weak statistic by some no-name pro-abortion group, AP instists that abortion bans don't really prevent abortions, but make them unsafe. AP even claims that abortion bans "undermine" pregancy prevention.

Considering abortion is illegal in many of the impacted countries, like Kenya which AP specifically names, how is America's abortion funding even an issue?

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