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AP Ignores Violence, Antisemitism At Pro-Hamas Protests

The Associated Press mentions that "riot police... scuffled with would-be protesters" in Egypt. Interesting way to put it. Where I come from, protesters scuffle with police, not the other way around. AP also insinuates that Jordan police 'oppressed their right to free speech': "police fired volleys of tear gas and scuffled with protesters."

But absent from AP's report is Iran's $1 million reward for the assassination of Egypt's President for supporting Israel. No mention of protesters in Amsterdam who chant "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas!". No mention of ten Paris police offers injured by angry "youths". Absent is the report that Hamas shot Palestinian protesters for supporting IDF. No mention of the bloody clashes in London. Or protesters in Florida chanting "go back to the ovens. Or the cyberattacks on Israel's Ynet news.

I could go on.

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