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Obama's Dirty Surgeon General Pick

Sanjay Gupta Obama's pick for Surgeon General has a pretty shady past. No surprise, considering his extensive history in journalism and and his extensive ties to medical companies.

Gupta made his way up the ranks by endorsing Merck’s controversial vaccine Gardasil for cervical cancer on CNN , though the drug was never even tested for cervical cancer. So why did he endorse it so strongly? Because its manufacturer, Merck, was a financial sponsor of AccentHealth, a marketing program that Gupta co-hosted.

Then there's the time he took on Michael Moore's film "Sicko." Moore pointed out that most of the sponsors for CNN's medical coverage were drug companies. CNN finally admitted that Gupta was wrong when he claimed that Moore had understated Cuba's health care cost and that Moore was wrong when he had claimed Gupta's only on-air expert associated with a political think-tank rather than a university.

Gupta isn't very qualified himself, by the way. But when has experience ever been more important than political connections when it comes to Obama?

Don't expect the Associated Press to report any of this.

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