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Soros, Pulling Obama's Strings, To Strike Against Free Media?

I knew something was up when John Podesta, Clinton's Chief of Staff, became co-chairman of the Obama transition team. Podesta, you see, created and led the think-tank Center for American Progress freshly after being humiliated because an intern in his department, Monica Lewinsky, was snogging President Clinton. With that behind him, he joined George Soros and his Open Society Institute people. As well as organizing fund-raisers, Soros gave $3 million to Center for American Progress.

CAP raised money for Obama and gave him his inside information. The Center for American Progress practically directed the media's coverage of the presidential race.

Time to bring in all the king's men! Podesta, CAP's founder and leader, co-chaired Obama's transition team. Panetta who was Podesta's deputy chief of staff under Clinton will lead the CIA, much to CAP's applause. The transition team's director, the general counsel also come from CAP. At least six other CAP people advised the team, including Tom Daschle and Carol Browner. Tom Daschle is Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services. Carol Browner will be his energy czar. Hillary Clinton, one of CAP's top leaders got her piece of the pie, Sec. of State. Brad Kiley, a board of directors for CAP and a gay-rights activist, was just named Director of the office of Management and Administration. In true Obama fashion, each of these people have their own little dirty scandals brewing.

CAP keeps its donors secret, much like how Obama illegally took donations. They could be from Chinese communists, from Osama bin Laden, anyone!

So how will CAP pull the strings? They have already attacked conservative talk radio with publications of false statistics. By pushing for the Fairness Doctrine, the CAP will force all TV, radio, and probably internet sites to publish "left-wing" opinions. It will essentially muzzle free speech in the media. If Obama doesn't push for the Fairness Doctrine, he will at least follow CAP's proposal of fining large media conglomerates who don't have "local" values. CAP was instumental in starting Media Matters, the radical liberal website that "factchecks" conservatives. The fight will be in the media.

CAP wants to legalize harmful drugs like pot. CAP wants to fight global warming (they've been silent about that lately though, strange). What else? We will soon see.

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