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White House, Reporters Laugh Off Fairness Doctrine Question

KINSOLVING: Thank you, so much. A number of Democrats in Congress want to restore the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which, before it was repealed applied only to electronic media and not to any print media-
GIBBS: Lester, I thought we were talking about DTV.
KINSOLVING: Does the president believe that-
MALE REPORTER: This is on the same planet, I believe.
GIBBS: I'm pretty sure I did not, I don't think I got an answer to my question. I think we were talking about DTV and now we seem to be, somewhat, I'm going to go back to baseball [analogies], far afield on the Fairness Doctrine.
KINSOLVING: Since you mentioned it, from the field, does the president believe-
MALE REPORTER mockingly: Lester, far afield?
KINSOLVING: Does the president believe that this selectivity of some media and not others is fair? And if so, why?
GIBBS: I have no information on the Fairness Doctrine and I will endeavor to get some clarity on DTV.

See the video at newsbusters.

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