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AP Slams Army Charity For Lending/ Spending Too Little

This is incredible, the Associated Press published a scathing article that accuses the Army Emergency Relief for "hoarding millions" instead of loaning or giving it out. It retained $117 million and gave away only $64 million freely. AP complains that they lent most of their emergency relief.

Meanwhile, Congress passes a trillion dollar "stimulus" bill that it can't pay for, after years of AP's complaining about the national debt. Are you putting cash in a savings account? Better get a credit card fast, AP might write an article about you!

(via thisainthell)

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Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

What struck me was that loaning money in zero-interest loans was defined as "stockpiling." It's an odd world, the one that The Associated Press lives in.

(Shameless plug: I wrote about the careful way that The Associated Press tried to make the AER look bad, while being 'unbiased,' in "Army Emergency Relief Stockpiling Money Meant for GIs: Officers Involved in Coercive Tactics! (February 22, 2009).

Thanks for this post - and AP Check.