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Appeals Court Strikes Down Constitutional Rights In CA

Well it's official: You can't even donate to a political campaign anymore without having gay activists trash your car and harass your employer until he fires you. The appeals court denied prop-8 donors' plea to hide their contact info and the government published their info today.

The AppealDemocrat immediatly published personal info on every local pro-proposition 8 donor. NBC linked its readers to the government hit list.

NBC smugly laughs: "Even now, proponents of the ballot measure cower in fear of homosexuals armed with spreadsheets and maps bent on terrorizing supporters of traditional gender roles.

... [they] may not be safe from marauding bands of couples who want their stable, long-term monogamous relationships recognized by the state and are willing to fight for their rights.

The SFist also links to the hit list and apologizes that they don't have substantial dirt on anyone. "Aside from Ignatius Press in Napa and former San Francisco broadcaster Gary Bryan, we don't recognize many of the names on the list."

Of course, anti-prop-8 donors raised a lot more than pro-prop-8 donors, and you won't see any media publish any of their information. Raddad says he has compiled almost 2,000 incidents of violence and intimidation against proposition 8 supporters.


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Euripides said...

What an amazing job these folks are doing at imitating Nazi fascists. What's next? Mormons having to wear little badges? This is seriously not funny.