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"Survivor" Features Drag-Queen Mormon

It's open-season on those proposition-8 loving Mormons!

Here's a sneak peak at this season of "Survivor" on CBS, the same network that brought you "George Bush faked National Guard Memo":

(Huffington Post)- "Over at Timbira, Tyson Cyclist, went to fetch water with Sierra Model and another girl (I think her name was "Girl Generic"), and told us, "I'm probably not the stereotypical Mormon," as he stripped naked in front of the giggling girls, and wandered about starkers, wearing only a floating blur....

And then Tyson said this: "I want that million dollars, exotic, expensive furs on my shoulder, jewels on these pretty fingers..." (Does he have someone's severed fingers in a bag? Because his fingers are not "pretty.") "... we're talking big time. I'll wear a tiara, a man tiara. Do they make those?" This is one Mormon about whom I have no worries that he'll tithe the prize money to be used to keep Proposition 8 on the California law books. PETA will love him too. I see him, Tyson, the naked, bony, Mormon drag queen manque, wearing just a "Man Tiara" and a smile."

According to CBS, the guy dropped out out of Brigham Young University after his mission. He was also featured in an article by LDS Living. Whoops!

Photo: CBS

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