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The Ultimate Whitewash By Associated Press

My jaw was on the floor when I read this from AP:

"America is bringing shock and awe to the home front, using dollars instead of bombs.

It's the military doctrine of lightning force — fast and brute, or as brute as the shaken country can manage — applied to the campaign for economic recovery.

With a record-busting stimulus plan, the U.S. is marshaling resources against economic catastrophe in ways not seen since Franklin Roosevelt put the New Deal in motion.

President Barack Obama is going with the best deal he could get. The stimulus bill is a landmark legislative achievement for a new president who inherited economic spoilage along with the spoils of power. Now the nation anxiously waits to see if it works.

Undermining federal balance sheets that were already deeply in the red, Obama and Congress settled on a nearly $800 billion plan that aims to spend more on the crisis at hand than the government has spent waging the Iraq war for six years.

The idea: fast cash, and lots of it, but with a strategic view to the future."

It's been a while since I've read such intelligent Stalinist propaganda. Using dollars instead of bombs... what, to defeat the terrorists? The nation anxiously awaits for success... that's why the stocks have been tanking every step of the way? Fast cash? Yea, only $109 billion will be spent on projects this year... yea very fast, and lots of it.


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Who is John Galt? said...

Oh Dr. B, you just aren't with it. Didn't you see Comrade Barack give a house to a homeless lady? It is the capitalist scum that is keeping this country from reaching the economic glory of Mother Russia and the human rights victories of China. When has any capitalist society ever produced such a life for the plebeian?