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ABC Stages Gay-Bashing At Sports Bar

ABC News staged scenes of gay men flamboyantly making public displays of homosexuality in a tough-guy sports bar and tried to get hateful reactions with planted actors heckling them. They tried to prove that Americans are hateful of gays, but the trick turned on them and the people in the bar threw out the heckler and defended the gay people's right to be in the bar.

ABC slammed people who objected to the public displays of affection as "intolerant of the gay lifestyle." But ABC only revealed in this clip that people don't like it when people try to take away basic rights for people to be in public establishments, whether they are gay or straight.

NBC didn't get reactions when they planted Muslims at NASCAR, ABC doesn't get it now.


Euripides said...

The identity politics of gays survives on the idea of oppression. This was an interesting look at what happens when the perceived oppression turns out to be a chimera.

Pearl said...

Kudos to the people who showed ABC what true tolerance is - the ability to love and respect people without embracing and accepting their behavior.