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AP Covers Up Democrats' AIG Hypocricy

AP quotes Obama: "To kick these problems down the road for another four years or another eight years would be to continue the same irresponsibility that led us to this point" as the media tells us this is all Bush's fault. This White House's childish attacks on Limbaugh and Cheney are obviously distractions.

Who is really to blame? When things have only really gone south since Obama got elected. His socialist takeovers (stimuluses) have tanked our stock markets, and his approval ratings.

Consider that Democrats have controlled Congress the last four years. Oh yea! Must recently, the Democrat Congress screwed up by giving AIG a massive bailout, which only boosted the executives' bonus pays. (Other companies are abusing their socialist bonuses, like GM's bonus went to Brazil, but shhhh we don't know about that!) But here's the kicker, Sen. Dodd(D) actually protected bonus pay to executives in the bailout bill.

AP forgets to mention this as they report him acting the tough guy as chairman on a panel trying to get the money back. AP reports that Congress Democrats are fiercely treating AIG over the outrage but fail to report that they actually caused it in the first place.

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