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AP Covers Up Pro-Democracy Protests In Thailand

AP reported that foes of Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva filed an impeachment motion and motion of no confidence against him. Abhisit came to power after PM Thaksin was removed from PM by the judicial court (judges overthrowing voters... gee sound familiar?). AP says "powerful military figures" protested Thaksin. AP notes that crime has skyrocketed recently.

Here's the simple truth of what's going on: The Thai Monarchy ousted pro-democracy Thaksin. His buddies, the upper upper class, protested Thaksin. Back when they brought the city to a halt, AP twisted the truth then too. So far, AP has ignored massive pro-democracy protests against the kind's stooge, Abhisit. One protest saw 15,000 attend. The anti-democracy Bangkok Post headlined Abhisit stands up to protest- fair and balanced...

Thailand's Monarchy has been jailing any blogger that says something they don't like. Don't expect AP to mention that.

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Michael J. Bernard said...

The wheels are coming off the bus everywhere!