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Dalai Lama: China 'Staged' Violent Tibet Protests

You won't see anyone report this. Here's a translation (by yours truly):

"We should not let it come to violence, we should not aspire to revolt. The entire Tibetan population does not want violence. You must know, I have reliable information about China's strategy. They provoke violence to legitimize their hard tactics, torture for example... The majority of Tibetans has always supported non-violent resistance, and so it remains...

When the demonstrations were peaceful, the Chinese media didn't report it. Then Chinese houses were suddenly set on fire on March 14th, and some Tibetans threw stones. But the Chinese army didn't engage right away, even though they had that quarter surrounded. You know why? They had staged the riots, and sent the pictures of them then around the world.

We have reports from eyewitnesses who saw Chinese trucks on March 12 and 13th, which carried obvious Tibetans, but no one knew them. They were brought to Lhasa. A few hours later, they could be seen setting the buildings on fire. The Chinese want to create crises that they blame the Tibetans on."

Reuters covers up the accusation. AP, AFP, Deutsche Welle... they report everything but the explosive accusation.

Last year I created this video expose of the staged riot:

See also my other videos on the media's unethical coverage of the Tibetan riots:
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