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Family Guy Over The Top To Defend "Victimized Gays"

How low can you go? Let's run through the checklist:

  • Illustrate that homosexuality is genetic and not a matter of choice or environment
  • Stereotype gays, that they like musicals, dress fashionably, have high pitched voices, and like to bake
  • Stereotype Christians as hicks who "judgmentally quote Bible verses and don’t even know how to read."
  • Stereotype Christians churches as bigots who force you to "renounce your evil sinful ways and redeem yourselves in the eyes of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who hates many people, but none more than homosexuals.”
  • Lewd displays of crotch grabbing, gay sex orgies, a baby eating semen, and half naked men.
  • Bashing "closet-gay" Republicans, like Ronald Reagan.
  • Illustrating that the role of the "man of the house" is to punch women and fart on their heads.

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