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Polls Turn Against Gay Marriage, Media Spins As "Split"

The typical headline in the media: Poll Shows California Voters Still Evenly Split on Same-Sex Marriage after a Field Poll of 761 voters shows 48% support a constitutional amendment to allow same-sex marriage.

Well consider back in November when day after day we were told polls show voters oppose a gay marriage ban. Political consultant Frank Schubert (SFGate calls him Yes on 8 campaign spokesman) tells BeetleBlogger: "

"Since May of 2008 our opponents have made no progress in the percent of people (45%) who want to give gays marriage (as compared to civil unions or no legal recognition of their relationships). This is despite the Court ruling last May, the 18,000 marriages being performed, over $40 million spent in support of gay marriage, and then weeks of protests and demonstrations in the streets afterwards. I think it totally undercuts the idea that there is a rapid movement toward approval of gay marriage. There just isn’t. If anything, the Field data suggests they have lost steam. Looking at the question as to whether people would vote for gay marriage or have marriage only between a man and a woman, the numbers have moved in OUR direction, not theirs, since May 2008. People wanting to extend marriage to gays has dropped, and the percent wanting to reserve marriage only for heterosexual couples has increased."

SFGate spins the numbers by reporting "Voters aged 18 to 39 favor gay marriage by 55 percent while those 65 or older are 58 percent opposed, according to the poll." For those of us who speak English, that means "Young voters oppose gay marriage (61%) while older voters support gay marriage (55%)." That's pretty significant, in my opinion. My guess is there's some other surprising numbers in there, which the media seeks to cover up.

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