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AP Blames Stimulus Problems On "Noncompliant" Republicans

As money for teachers flows, some states have other ideas Duncan threatens retaliation for noncompliance

(AP) "President Obama promises his economic stimulus will save hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs, but some states could end up spending the money on playground equipment or wallpaper... But plans for the money are pulling in other directions, particularly in states with Republican governors."

It sounds like evil Republicans want to take teacher's money and spend it on wallpaper, right? Not exactly. The problem is with how the bill is written. Republican governors were simply planning on spending the money within the bill's requirements.

(AP) "The law was written so broadly that most of the stabilization dollars can be spent on just about anything - carpet, wallpaper, playground equipment, even new school construction - which might bother Senate moderates who insisted on dropping a school construction program before they would vote for the bill. That's because school districts can spend the money as federal impact aid, a relatively small program for poorly funded districts. By contrast, most federal education dollars are supposed to be spent on teacher salaries or academics. "Congress opened a Pandora's Box to allow districts to use the funds for impact aid," said Michael Brustein, a Washington lawyer who represents several state education agencies. "How you enforce against that is anyone's guess.""

hattip: newsbusters

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