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AP Covers For Obama's Embarassment At N.Korea Missle Launch

NKorea rocket fizzles, US says; Obama urges action

The truth is that the rocket launch was a success. It carried through two booster stages, and the rocket flew clear over Japan into the Pacific Ocean. North Korea boasted the launch was "a success." You call that "fizzle?"

CNN quotes the former director of the US missile defence agency:

"It says, first of all, they had successful first staging and (were) able to control the rocket through staging," retired General Henry Obering told CNN television on Sunday.

"That is a significant step forward for any missile program because often times the missiles become unstable as they go through the staging events...

"The fact that they did not get apparent separation of the payload from the second or third stage means that they have more work to do there in terms of being able to achieve that... The bottom line is they are continuing to advance in their ranges and I think it's why it's important that we have the ability to defend against these types of threats."

Japan, USA, and South Korea failed to do anything to intercept the missle. Predictably, the Associated Press praises Obama for his "tough talk" at the U.N., talk which has never led to any progress and never will. As AP notes near the bottom of their report, "...objections from Russia and China — the North's closest ally — will almost certainly water down any strong response. Both have Security Council veto power."

Russia is clearly backing N.Korea on developing their weapon. South Korea claims it was only a satellite (yes they must be psycho). Japan isn't saying much. It looks like U.S.A is alone in claiming they are developing a weapon.

For some reason AP didn't mention that.

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