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AP Covers Up Muslim's Possible Airplane Terrorism

Adam Dylan Leon, who changed his name from Yavuz Berke, flew a plane on Tuesday through the U.S. from Canada. Authorities don't believe terrorism was a motive, but that Yavuz hoped to get shot out of the sky.

The Associated Press reports that his name changed and that he is from Turkey but forgets to mention that he is Muslim. That would be stereotyping right? Well here's a few clues that it was more than a suicide attempt:

  • Aircraft were warned, and the Wisconsin state capitol building in Madison was evacuated (AP fails to mention that)
  • Yavuz didn't reply to repeated attempts at communication
  • ABC News quotes an FAA spokesperson: "It had opportunities to go into heavily populated areas," that he was "not going to urban air space." That is a lie. He directly flew over Madison, WI which has a population of 223,000. (AP fails to mention that)
  • He only landed the plane safely because he was low on gas. If he was intent on suicide, why not just let it run out and drift into the ground?

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