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AP Repeats Thai Gov's Anti-Democratic Lies

The Associated Press reported that "anti-government" protesters "clashed with residents angry about the disruptions, leaving two people dead." AP reports that troops shot "warning shots" as they used "soft means" and "prevented as much damage as possible."

Are readers of AP really that stupid?

Voice of America and New York Times reports that the deaths resulted from clashes between troops and protesters.

The reports of clashes between residents near the government center and protesters, who are actually anti-monarch, pro-democracy demonstrators by the way, came from the government. AP just reports it as fact, although they did report it correctly hours previous to that report. And troops happen to be shooting into the air at this time? Gee, I wonder what really happened.

We know troops shot into the crowds yesterday. Obviously this is a case of anti-democratic troops shooting into crowds, injuring 119 and killing 5. About 5,000 protesters are trapped by the troops and likely to be thrown in prison.

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