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AP's Inflamatory Language Disappears In Iraq Coverage

Today, the Associated Press reported: "Suspected militants shelled Baghdad's protected Green Zone on Saturday... back-to-back strikes reverberated across the Tigris River". How poetic!

But in a report on a similar such green zone attack about a year ago, AP's language was much more incidiary: "Extremists fired an explosive barrage Saturday into the capital's heavily protected Green Zone, targeting the heart of America's diplomatic and military mission in Iraq"

Extremists are now just suspected militants. The heavily protected Green Zone is now just the protected Green Zone. Explosive barrages are now back to back strikes. The heart of America's mission is now just the Tigris River.

The two attacks are quite similar in nature, but AP has changed its tone. AP once spoke of "earth-jarring detonations" on "the capital's fortified core," "extremist" activity that contradicts the "upbeat assessment" given by the military. Even though the military had told of a "60 percent overall drop in violence around Iran," AP leaves us with this conclusion: "Baghdad, however, remains far from safe."

Not even Barry Obama could have brought about the change to AP's tone!

In today's report, AP assures us that "Violence across Iraq remains sharply down compared with past years" (AP tells us this as fact, not as some military assessment), but warns that this "alleged insurgent activity" "could slow the return of nightlife and commerce to parts of Baghdad."

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