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Updated! CNN Reporter Vs. Tea Party Protesters : "This is not Family Viewing"

"Anti-CNN" "Anti-Government" "This is not really family viewing" What this clip doesn't show is what happened before, the reporter harassed several interviewees about the lack of African-Americans at the protest.

Update: More media melt-downs are flowing in. Take a look at this one in Cincinnati:

Here is how that reporter reported what happened (skip to 2:30). You be the judge.

Here's a local Fox camera man getting screamed at by protesters for giving exclusive air-time to the one Obama supporter there to crash the party:

That was in response to this announcement from a speaker that that lone camera-man was only there to report on the lone Obama supporter:

Here's Rick Santelli responding to the White House's appalling attack on his call for a Tea Party:

1 comment:

Liz said...

Wow. So much for fair and balanced reporting in the media. I have only seen one other "reporter" go at it with an interviewee. It makes me cringe it's so unprofessional. She wouldn't even let him finish his statement before she lit into him. And then she tries to make it sound as if CNN is being attacked. Oh brother! I didn't attend a tea party for FOX. I did it for fiscal responsibility. I guess CNN doesn't believe in that?