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Video: Miss California says "I feel sorry for him."

She opposes bailouts and welfare, too.

"I just said in my head, 'God this is where you need to show up.' And that's where I just said, 'You know what, Go for it! Speak your mind, speak your thoughts and don't be ashamed.'

Giuliana Rancic of E! News clarified earlier remarks that blasted Miss California for supporting traditional marriage and the right as an American to speak and vote about it: "i was referring to miss california as a disgrace. life is short. everyone deserves to love & be loved."

via newsbusters

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Pearl said...

This is fantastic. Except the part where she says California recently overturned Prop 8. I think she meant to say we passed Prop 8. I'd be nervous if I was being interviewed about a controversial subject on national television, too! But, wow! I think it is awesome that she views this as a blessing. What a great attitude she has! May God be with her as she continues to speak her thoughts and opinions. I'm glad she was more willing to be "'biblically' correct than politically correct!"