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Liberals Stage Naziism at Tea Parties?

Huffington Post eagerly trumpeted this video after little green footballs supposedly exposed some psycho speech at some Tea Party meeting. The person recording the video apparently says "burn all the books" about evolution.

Charles at LGF is notorious for being a sleuth and seeing through B.S. How then could he miss the fact that this user on youtube, whom I am assuming is the same woman who cries "burn the books," also has these videos on her favorites list:

  • Letterman's Top 10 George Bush moments
  • Ohio Secession! Red State No More!
  • 1960s LSD Propaganda Film
  • Horse Humper Bestiality
  • If aetheists ruled the world
  • Vagina Power and Penis Power
Some of her own videos are even more sexually explicit. Not exactly a conservative Christian. Looks like liberals infiltrated the Tea Party and made the people there look like psychos, something we knew they wanted to do.

(starts at about 5:00)

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