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Video: Tea Partiers After CNN Reporter's Meltdown "Are You Stupid?"

Update: Susan Roesgen was apparently just upset that Rupert Murdoch turned her down twice for a job. Anyway, she'll be taking a break and email access has been cut off from her.

Here you can see the same reporter cheerleading a tiny Left-Wing protest, concluding: "Mr.Obama are you watching?"

After the reporter viciously attacks a Tea Party interviewee as "anti-CNN," "right-wing," and "not family viewing," (the craziest, "broke with a two year old" protester she could find") other protesters take her to task, saying:

Protester: He is not representative of most people out there! There aren't that many signs that have 'Hitler and Obama'... You are not talking to regular mainstream people...

Reporter: Most people have a signs.

Protester: I don't have a sign! You can talk to him, he doesn't have a sign!... This is not just Democrats or Republicans, it's all of them! It's Congress. Bush voted for all this, Obama voted for all this.

Reporter: So it doesn't really matter to you whether it is Republican or Democrat?

Protester: Absolutely not. And most people out here do not believe it is just the Republicans or just the Democrats.

Reporter: And what group are you with that brought you out here today?

Protester: I'm a suburban, self-employed woman! I don't have a group.

Reporter: I mean, how did you find out about it then?

Protester: Oh it's all over the news. Everyone, we all know.

Reporter: What, like it's online?

Protester: Oh yea, it's all over online...

Other Protester: It's everywhere, it's everywhere...

Protester: What do you think the internet is for? Are you explicitly stupid?

Reporter: You know, you don't have to be so antagonistic.

Protester: We've watched what you've been doing here and it's not fair.

Reporter: Talking to people who are holding signs... I'd say the majority of people here have signs.

Protester: Did you look at his sign?

Reporter: We looked at the signs in our field of view.

Protester: This is not about Republicans or Democrats. This is about the government stealing our money.

Reporter: I didn't say it's about Republicans or Democrats... You know there are some people... asking what does this mean?

Another Protester: And you are trying to tell them we are bad people!

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