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Wall Street Journal, NBC Spikes Vermont Gay Marriage Story With False Poll

AP and the rest fail to mention that the state voters were overriden as "gay marriage" became legalized in Vermont. But the Wall Street Journal and NBC take this one step further as they give us bogus numbers about public opinion.

WSJ- "A poll cited by a group called Vermont Freedom to Marry says 55% of Vermonters support gay marriage while 38% oppose and 7% are undecided."

The poll by Senate Republican Leader William Doyle admits it is unscientific because it is advertised and isn't random. Town Meeting Day is an annual event where political activists try to make their voices heard. In other words, liberals were alerted of the poll and spammed it with an unprecedented 12,000 responses.

According to a poll few years ago by ORC Macro of Burlington, Vt. around a third supported gay marriage and more than half opposed it. Just a small discrepancy here? AP mentioned this poll then, yet now they strangely don't mention where public support is.

The Burlington Free Press poll for Vermont currently has 54% against "gay marriage." CNN has 53% opposing it nationally.

Polls were also ignored in reports about the recent Iowa court ruling that overthrew the will of the voters in that state. A recent poll by Des Moines Register revealed that 62 percent of Iowans opposed "gay marriage and thirty-two percent supported it. No mention from any main media where public support was.

1 comment:

Secular Heretic said...

It's all part of manipulating the public. Make them all think that the majority support "gay marraige" and those who oppose it start to doubt themselves or remain silent.