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AP Changes Story On Sotomayor's History

Is she a baseball fan or isnt' she

With hard-hitting investigation, the Associated Press reports that Sotomayor "is a food-loving baseball buff." AP claims "Sotomayor is a die-hard baseball fan — she grew up near Yankee Stadium and loves the Yankees."

What does this have to do with being a judge? AP explains:

"(AP)- Acknowledging the pivotal nature of her ruling, Sotomayor described how it is "when you see an outfielder backpedaling and jumping up to the wall and time stops for an instant as he jumps up and you finally figure out whether it’s a home run, a double or a single off the wall or an out.""

Apparently, AP didn't factcheck any of Sotomayer's claims, because not long ago AP themselves headlined of Sotomayer "Judge in NLRB Hearing Not a Baseball Fan"

"(AP)- "Though she grew up just three miles from Yankee Stadium, she made it clear Monday that she had no interest in the sport.

At a brief hearing she told both sides of the dispute, "I know nothing about this except what a common lay person reads in the New York Times."

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Who is John Galt? said...

LOL. That's funny. Too bad that is jus the tip of the iceberg of lies the media's feeding us about Sotomayor.