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AP Covers Only Radical Gay Marriage Protesters, Covers Up Rioting

If pro-traditional marriage protesters blocked traffic and approached cars to scream at families inside, would they get arrested and charged with hate crimes?

The majority of the Associated Press' report on the Supreme Court ruling that upheld proposition 8 is dedicated to complaints from radical gay rights protesters. All interviewees were radical gay rights activists who opposed proposition 8.

AP completely ignored the pro-prop-8 protesters.

AP reported that a "crowd gathered at City Hall" but no mention of the rioutous behavior.

The Press Democrat by contrast interviewed moderates who supported the court's decision on proposition 8 and gave the true profanity-laden reaction from the "gay rights" protesters.

Protesters have blocked traffic in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Palo Alto, and police have started "methodically" making arrests. NBC lies when they report contradicting news.

The San Francisco Chronicle regrets these arrests, reporting that the "only tense moment came at about 1 p.m. when a man wearing a minister's collar began yelling at the crowd through a bullhorn. He was apparently supporting Prop. 8, but all he got out before being surrounded by angry protesters were the words: "We need to respect the homosexual community...

About 30 demonstrators continued to shout him down for several minutes until police officers came and moved him up Van Ness to McAllister Street."

Civil? No, these are riots.

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Who is John Galt? said...

This is what our California educational system has created? A bunch of babies that sit in a street and block traffic when they don't get their way?